Children's Activities! 

Don't be afraid 25th October 2020

You can find a link to Peggy's video here and find out about angels 
If you would like to knit an angel the pattern is here
or if you want to make an angle for material or card the pattern is here 

These will be updated weekly with various activities and recording of readings and stories

Look ; a downloadable activity page for children

October 2020

Worry activity - 11 October 2020


Find an idea of how to speak to God about your worries here.

And a link to Peggy's video on how to have Joy in the world here

Forgiveness craft - 13 September 2020

A forgiveness craft can be found here.

The Beatitudes and sharing faith - 6 September 2020

The Beatitudes bee activity can be found here.

Sharing faith activity can be found here.

Be transformed - 23 August 2020

A video accompanying our activities can be found here.

Our activities on being transformed can be found here.

Make a prayer diary - 16 August 2020

Find instructions of how to make a prayer diary here.

Jesus walks on water - 9 August 2020

A video for our activities can be found here.
Activities for our holy communion service on 9 August 2020 can be found here.
The website Peggy mentions in her video is

Generous giving - Explore August 2020 

Find the instructions for make a money box to help you be generous in your giving here. 

The parable fo the Mustard Seed and Yeast 26th July including a link to Peggy's video with story and activities here
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Find a link to Peggy's activity video here

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Activities for Explore July 2020 the Church is the body of Christ 


Activities for 28th June 2020 Welcome Jesus 

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Activities for Connect June 2020 Father's Day

Activities 14 June 2020: Chain Reaction

Explore June 2020 the fruit of the Spirit

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Pentecost 31st May 2020

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Ascension day 24th May 2020
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Paul at the Areopagus Connect May 2020.

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God makes room for us 10 May 2020


Explore May 2020
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Road to Emmaus 26/04/2020
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Easter Day 
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Palm Sunday (05/04/2020)
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