William Gill 1830-36 (Curate)

When Stannington church was first built there was no parsonage and it fell to the Vicar of Ecclesfield to appoint a curate to take the services.  In 1830 William Gill was 28 years old and curate at Bradfield.  He was a self-educated country boy from York, who lived at Broomhead Hall where, in addition to his clerical duties, he was a tutor to the family, supplementing his stipend of £50pa.  His responsibilities were to take morning services at Bradfield and evening services, christenings and burials at Stannington.  He appears to have had no transport, travelling between the churches on foot. 
WM Farish was appointed curate to assist him but did not stay for more than one year.

Samuel Robinson Carver 1842-1846

To alleviate the problem of a travelling clergyman, a syndicate of local businessmen built a parsonage and school and provided a stipend of £100pa for a resident minister.  There nominee was Samuel Carver, a Sheffield man who was a Cambridge graduate and had recently married a Cambridge woman of some wealth.  Irregularly the appointment was made without consulting the Vicar of Ecclesfield but nobody seemed to mind.  Sadly Mr & Mrs Carver were both killed when their horse bolted causing their carriage to overturn at Malin Bridge.  The couple are buried in the churchyard.

William Gill 1846-79 (Vicar)

In 1846 a local petition was signed asking the Vicar of Ecclesfield to allow the return of William Gill as Vicar.  He resigned his curacy of Bradfield.  He took services at Stannington and at the schools at Rivelin and Dungworth which were licensed for worship.  In addition he took pupils, as he had done previously at Wadsley for full board and tuition, most probably at the vicarage.
In 1833 he married Ann Heywood and they had eight or nine children, only one surviving him.  He and seven of his children are buried in the south east corner of the churchyard.
During his ministry he was assisted by several curates:- AM Topp  (1870-1873) JR Brown (1873-1875) and Charles Albert Barnes (1876-1878) 

Samuel Parkes   1879 -1907

Educated in Birmingham, after a curacy in Staffordshire, Samuel Parkes came to Sheffield to St Matthew’s where he stayed for two years.  Then he became chaplain at the Sheffield Infirmary for a further two years.  In 1879 he became chaplain to the General Cemetery until 1883
On becoming vicar of Stannington in 1879 he took on responsibility for three schools, Stannington, Hollow Meadows and Dungworth.  He instigated the first renovation of the church 1881.  He organised the replacement of the plain side windows with coloured glass to commemorate parishioners’ relatives who had died around 1900.
He died after long periods of illness in 1907.  The service was conducted by the rural dean, Canon Wilson of Bolsterstone, and Rev Sykes of Hillsborough.  He is buried in the churchyard directly beneath the east window.

Gamaliel Milner 1907-1916


Francis Augustine Stebbing   1916-1963

Trevor Hudson 1964-1979

(Stanley Mills, curate 1978)

Richard Frank Newman 1979-1988

Philip West  1989-2013

Tim Fletcher 2014-

Helen Joesbury