Renovation and Reordering of Church 

reorderedPrevious renovations to the church had included the removal of side galleries and the installation of the east window.  However, the building had ceased to meet the needs of a growing congregation.
A major project to reorder the church had been under consideration for at least a decade before 1990 when the PCC, after discussions with the congregation and with the Diocesan and Planning authorities, agreed plans with Professor Ken Murta. The projected cost was £207,000. Work started in October 1992 and took 8 months to complete.

The Nave was completely changed by the removal of the uncomfortable box pews which were replaced by comfortable attractive church chairs.  The rotten floor was replaced and carpeted providing a much more open space which could be used more flexibly.

The Sanctuary was opened up and the altar moved forward to give a more modern and attractive focus to the church.

A major improvement was the creation of a Narthex under the existing balcony at the west end.  A soundproof screen allows the area to be used for crèche facilities and as a general meeting place.

The dangerously worn stone stairs to the Balcony were built over to create a storage area and a new wooden staircase was built to allow access to the balcony which continues to be used as an overflow area when the main body of the church is full.  The space under the new staircase houses the toilets.

A small extension was built at the rear of the church to by provide a vestry for the clergy. The building was rewired and a modern sound system installed. The central heating system was overhauled, floor covering replaced, and the whole building redecorated. 
Sunday services resumed in the renovated church in April 1993. The Bishop of Sheffield gave the sermon at the Service of Thanksgiving which took place on Tuesday 6th July 1993.  The Church Hall was officially opened by the children of the church after that service.
Helen Joesbury