Children's activities

This week we thinking about the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. What looks to be a bad thing turns out to be good.
Here are some activities that you can do at home to explore the story further.

You can read the sort of Jesus raising Lazarus from the Bible it is in John chapter 11 verses 1-45 or you can listen to the story here 

Action song from Fischy Music;  Bad times won't last

Craft activities; Make a paper figure of Lazarus
                         If you have a spare toilet roll this could be fun

Or if you have some seeds you could plant them. You can collect seeds from a tomato and plant them in a small yogurt pot if you don't have any packets of seeds in. Take the tomato seeds out of a fresh tomato, give them a rinse to take the tomato juice of them and plant them in some potting compost, or some sieved soil about half a cm deep.

It may seem bad to bury the seed in the soil. But if you wait long enough something good will grow from it.

Prayers: think about the people you are connected to. Draw a web. You can then draw yourself in the middle and the people you are connected to on the edges. Now pray for those people.

Action:  find way of connecting with the people you have prayed for. you can phone them, write a letter or use. technology.