9780281083770Saying Yes to Life Ruth Valerio SPCK publishing

This book was the recommended Lent reading by the Archbishop of Canterbury this year (2020), It is particularly relevant to us in Sheffield as care for creation is going to be the topic for discussion at the next diocesan development day, so reading this would be excellent preparation. It also ties in with the development of the wildlife area in our church grave yard.

You can find the book in Abebook here or it was available at CLC bookshops and SPCK 


9780281085118-uk-300God and the Pandemic Tom Wright 2020 SPCK

I have just finished this book, and it was only published yesterday! That is a recommendation in itself. Highly readable Tom Wright at his best taking complex issues and explaining them in understandable terms. He looks at the current situation and discusses how Christians should respond. HIs writing is thoroughly based in an overview of the Bible, looking especially at the Psalms and Romans 8 and centrality of Jesus as the role model for our response. A really interesting read and a challenge for the way forward. As Justin Welby says "do not hesitate" 
There is a link here to ABE books, an alternative online bookseller to Amazon, the book is also easily available on The SPCK website.


Phoebe by Paula Gooder 2018 Hodder and Stoughton.                                                         

 IMG 9343I first heard about this book at Greenbelt when Paula Gooder was leading a talk about why she wrote the book. Gooder describes it as an imaginative narrative rather than a novel as it is designed to tell Paul's theology through a work of fiction. The book is written in two halves. the first half is the story and the second the notes. Gooder suggests you read the two haves in which ever order works for you. I found both halves a fascinating insight into the reality of what 1st Century life might have been like for the people we hear about in the writings of Paul as well as what Paul himself may have been like as seen though their eyes. It is a book I have read for pleasure as well as for study and one I will return to again.
If you want to know more you might like to investigate Paula Gooder's website here where there are links to videos and other books.

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‘HOW TO READ THE BIBLE BOOK BY BOOK’ Gordon D. Free and Douglas Stuart.

Gives a ‘section by section tour’ of every book in the Bible. 



full of pictures and articles about biblical books and other topics of interest when studying the Bible.