Christ Church - Online!

Christ Church is active, but in accordance with government guidelines the building has shut to save lives and prevent the spread of infection. We have begun to post Christ Church sermons, prayers and children's activities and community life on this website and our Facebook page and on 'A Rev from Sheffield' pages.
To request spiritual and/or practical support from church members please complete the contact us form describing your need, or any help you can offer. Alternatively you can call or text us on: 
0114 2349247 - Rev.Tim Fletcher
07340280460 - Rev. Joe Cooper
0114 2343463 - Rev. Alison Cook
You may also be interested in the Church of England worship resources: 

In line with current guidance Babytime, Natter and Men’s Breakfast are cancelled until further notice.

Love the Lord your God...and love your neighbour as yourself.
To protect your neighbour and to show love for our NHS please do not leave your home except for essential trips, and keep social distancing as advised.